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  • Jonathan Rosse

75 Years and Still Going Strong!

The Hollis Town Band has started its 75th year since its founding in 1943 as the Hollis Congregational Church School Band. Started by parents for their children following a concert in 1942 by Elmer "Pop" Wilson's Nashua children's band, the band evolved as music education was added to the local public schools. Initially there was no music education in the public schools in Hollis and thus no band program which is what lead parents to ask Mr. Wilson to come start a band for them. Over time some parents joined the band with their youngsters making it a real family affair. As the music program developed in the public schools in Hollis the need for a youth-based band at the Church disappeared but the parents who had become involved didn't want to stop, so the band grew into the community band that it is today. Over the years there have been many family groups, parents and their children, who have played in the band, including at least one family where there were two parents and three children playing in the band at the same time!

The Hollis Town Band is always open to new members, regardless of age. We don't hold auditions but we do ask that prospective new members be able to play their instruments well enough to read and play 16th notes and be willing to come have fun working on challenging music.

Rehearsals are every Wednesday evening on the top floor of the Hollis Town Hall (sorry, no elevator so you must be able to climb stairs) from 7:30pm until 9:00pm.

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